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In the following frequently asked questions we have addressed the basic Denver Car Club membership guidelines. These are intended to provide a better understanding of the Club and this membership opportunity.

Please call or text our membership manager Matthew Darpli for more information on (970) 376-6284.

Q: What is the Denver Car Club?

A: Simply said, Denver Car Club is a Denver car and auto club for car enthusiasts in Denver Colorado. It is a place for people who own and care about cars.

Q: What are the rules of the Denver Car Club?

A: Denver Car Club’s dedicated purpose is to provide the very best experience for our members and guests. With this in mind, our staff will use its best judgment to accommodate all our members’ needs. Members, their families and their guests are entrusted to conduct themselves appropriately.

Q: What facilities and amenities does the Denver Car Club provide?

A: Denver Car Club’s facility includes many amenities for the use and enjoyment of members, their families and guests, including:

  • An exclusive Club Lounge, complete with meeting room, library, kitchen, computer center, entertainment center, fireplace and deck with barbeque grill.
  • A state-of-the-art reserved detailing and car wash facilities stocked with the very best professional quality supplies and materials
  • Secure and exclusive climate-controlled parking structure for personal auto storage and protection
  • Member lockers and storage
  • Valet and concierge services
  • Planned group activities and special events
  • Meeting and catering services
  • Consignment service
  • Professional onsite club management 

Q: What types of memberships are available?

A: Membership in Denver Car Club is available with a limited number of Collector, Corporate, Social, Non-resident, Storage and Virtual memberships available.

Q: May I change the type of membership I have?

A: Yes. You may change your membership type with a 60-day written notice submitted to Denver Car Club. Changing your type of membership is subject to availability.

Q: May I terminate my membership?

A: Yes. You may terminate your membership in Denver Car Club by submitting a 60-day written notice of resignation.

Q: What are the privileges of a Collector membership?

A: Collector members enjoy access to all Club facilities and events, plus secure storage of a vehicle at Denver Car Club. Spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Membership includes unlimited access to the detail bay. Allows for four reserved social gatherings per year in the Club lounge.

Q: What are the privileges of a corporate membership?

A: Corporate membership gives up to three people access to all Club facilities and events, plus storage of one vehicle. Designees may be changed once per year. Allows for four corporate gatherings per year in the Club lounge.

Q: What are the privileges of a Social membership?

A: Social membership allows complete access to all Club facilities and events, but does not include car storage or a locker. Includes full access to Club detail bay and supplies. Allows for four reserved social gatherings per year in the Club lounge.

Q: What are the privileges of a Non-resident membership?

A: For those who are part-timers in Colorado, the Non-resident membership allows full access to the Club facilities, including detail bays for six months out of the year. You may also reserve the Club for two social gatherings per calendar year.

Q: What are the privileges of a Storage membership?

A: Storage members have no specific Club privileges beyond storage of their car(s). Vehicle storage may not necessarily be on site at the Club, but will always be in a climate controlled and secure facility.

Q: What are the privileges of a Virtual membership?

A: Virtual members will receive regular communications from the Club related to its operation. Invitations to special events, electronic newsletters and notifications about consignments and acquisitions are the type of thing one can expect to receive.

Q: How does the valet service work?

A: If your car is stored at the Club, you must provide the Club Manager a minimum of 24 hours notice and a specific delivery time when you will need your vehicle. Please call or e-mail us your request Monday through Saturday. You will also need to leave a spare key to your vehicle with us so we can properly attend to the needs of your car.

Q: What does my membership deposit pay for?

A: Approximately 50% of the membership deposit will be spent on personal items for the member, including Denver Car Club apparel and key chain with the Denver Car Club logo. The remainder of the deposit and dues cover maintenance and upkeep of facilities, club management and other operating costs.

Q: Are family members welcome at the Club?

A: A member’s immediate family will enjoy use of Club facilities with the same privileges as the member when accompanied by a member. Immediate family includes the member’s spouse and children. Children are expected to be adequately supervised.

Q: May I invite guests to the Club?

A: Guests are welcome when accompanied by a member. Certain events and functions may be designated as members only.

Q: Will members be subject to capital assessments?

A: No, members will pay only membership deposit, dues and fees for special services. Members will not be subject to any liability for capital or operating assessments for the costs and expenses of ownership or operation of the Club or its facilities. The Club will pay all operating deficits incurred in the operation of Club facilities and will retain all operating revenues resulting from operation of the Club.

Q: Can Club membership be inherited?

A: Upon the death of a member, the membership may be transferred to a new designee based on a new application and approval.

Q: What services can the concierge provide?

A: The Club manager is available to assist members with a variety of personal services, business assistance and automotive needs such as vehicle transportation and delivery.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: Complete and sign the membership application. When you receive notification that your application has been accepted, sign the membership agreement and return it with a check for the membership deposit and first month’s dues. Membership is limited and takes effect upon receipt of your signed agreement and payment. Members will be invoiced monthly.

Q: Who can assist me with additional questions?

A: Please call our Club manager at (970) 376-6284 or e-mail

For more information or to obtain a Denver Car Club membership application, contact:

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